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Amazon Customer
The no!no!® is a great little device! It arrived with a nearly full charge, so it was nice to be able to put it right to use without waiting for it to charge first. It takes a few runs over your hair to get complete hair removal but you can feel the difference right away. And unlike some of the other "at home" devices, this one is basically travel size; you can just throw it in your bag and use it anywhere. It's a good value and low price when you consider what in-office treatments cost, and since the replacement tips are cheap the ongoing cost is really minimal. I'd certainly recommend it to anyone looking for a simple "at home" hair removal solution.
Amazon Customer
When I purchased the no!no!®, I started using it but was using it incorrectly. When I finally realized what I was doing wrong, the hair on my legs started coming off and the grow back was very slow and sparse. I am so happy about the results.

I just love my no!no®!. Finally something to get rid of hair. It's easy and gently & the price was right.

Amazon Customer
Perfect hair removal. I bought this item because I always had issues after shaving under my arms, would br irritated and itch terriblly. I took this unit out read the directions and used it immediately. No problem figuring it out. I started on low and quickly went up to full strength. Absolutely no discomfort, just slightly warm and the lovely smell of hair burning. Used the buffer. Was able to use deodorant right away. And absolutely no irration no itching. Love this product would not go back to a razor, ever.